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The Automatic Precise Point Positioning Service of the Global Differential GPS System
Unique Features
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APPS Unique Features



  • Multiple input modes: web, email, and direct sFTP deposit support casual as well as power autom ated usage

  • Instant gratification on the web: no registration necessary for basic service; output served in stantly

  • Upload and process multiple RINEX files in a single session

  • Pressure measurements files

  • Accommodate multi-day RINEX files, arbitrary file names

  • All pertinent results in a single output file; optimized for machine processing and human inter face

  • GIPSY output files



  • No latency (using GDGPS real time orbit and clock products)

  • No latency for single frequency data (using GDGPS real time TEC maps)

  • Improved accuracy with more accurate hydrostatic delay model:

  • User-input pressure measurements

  • NCEP Objective Analysis pressure fields

  • Automatic detection of airplane/helicopter data and process optimization

  • Kinematic processing includes filtering and smoothing eliminating convergence artifacts

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