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The Automatic Precise Point Positioning Service of the Global Differential GPS System
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How To Use APPS

  APPS supports the following GPS measurement file upload options:
  • Manually through this web site for instant processing. Try it
  • e-Mail APPS the URL of your files (on your anonyouse FTP server) and specify the
    required proce ssing type. Learn more
  • Upload your measurement files to a special area on our Secure FTP server, and they
    will be processed automatically. Learn more
  APPS supports the following measurement file types:
  • Formats: RINEX 2, RINEX 2.11 ... Learn More
  • Filename: arbitrary
  • Measurement rate: up to 1 second
  • Pressure measurements may be optionaly uploaded, from which hydrostatic zenith delay will be derived
  APPS supports a variety of useful processing modes Learn More
  • Static
  • Kinematic
  • Near Real Time (NRT)
  • Most Accurate
      APPS will produce the following output:
    • All coordinates are in ITRF2014
    • Summary file: Run status (success/error), key output values, list of output.
    • XYZ file: Time, X, Y, Z coordianates, together with their formal errors.
    • LLH file: Time, Lat, Lon, Height coordinates, together with their formal errors.
    • GIPSY STACOV file: X, Y, Z coordinates with full covariance (for static only)
    • GIPSY TDP file: Time, X, Y, Z coordinates in GIPSY's TDP format.
    • Log file: GIPSY run time messages and statistics
    • Google Earth URL: with the plotted trajectory/site
    • Instant positioning for web users, where you will see the X, Y, Z coordinates and
      the Lat, Lon, Height on this web site
    • Access information: URL of output files and password
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